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''See a need; help provide a solution''

'' See a need; help provide a solution'' 

 ​​​​Staying Active During COVID-19

Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has made life uneasy for just about everyone. Socializing became a lot harder for seniors, in addition to feeling isolated while struck with boredom.

Are you bored? Feeling lonely or Isolated? On a fixed income? Like you, many other seniors are too.

Team Seniors offer non- challenging, fun, and easy ways to meet new seniors, while staying physically and mentally active at home.

Due to social distancing paying costly senior centers have come to a halt but this does not mean your life enrichment has to as well.

Stay connected with grandchildren, family members and friends who live far away by taking advantage of our cost efficient online social network for seniors.

Two things needed to attend:
  • Internet access
  • Cell phone, tablet or computer to attend private live activity sessions

Click the ‘’Social Network’’ tab in the top right corner of our website and sign up today.

(Credentials are never needed to show love, socialize, and enjoy life. However, for your comfort please see below).

  • Certified Social Gerontologist *specialize in senior care*
  • Senior Advocator
  • Doctoral Student