Stay Entertained & Keep Busy With Us​

Dancing/Karaoke/Light Aerobics/Book Club/Cook Swap

Dancing, Karaoke, Book Club, Cooking & Light Aerobics are included in our Online Social Network *WHICH IS OPTIONAL*


Seeds, Potting Soil and Plant Pots** will be provided in packages**


Keep your mind busy, alert and active by completing crossword puzzles, creative puzzles & board puzzle.



*DIY- Do It Yourself Projects*: Giant coloring and activity books with provided crayons and markers. Canvas Art included. Painting projects that will include paint, wood ornament sets for Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving.


Paint wall sentiments, square wood boxes with lids, paint ceramic holiday ornaments, paint wood animals, paint wood bird boxes & wooden word decor, paint and color numerous other projects provided in your activity package mailed to your doorstep.


Bingo can be enjoyed with family & friends, as bingo activities will be provided in activity packages.

Online Social Network    *Optional*

Join our live sessions *3 times a week* while bringing your activity package along.

NEW activity packages are mailed Bi-Weekly to share within your session with like minded seniors.

Live Bingo     Crossword/Creative/Board Puzzle Wars     Dancing      Karaoke     Cook Swap      Book Club     Light Aerobics      

Enjoy victory with prizes won mailed to your doorstep.