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Mental Wellness & Seniors

Mental Wellness Tips

The mental status of seniors frequently gets overlooked and undervalued. Seniors most times experience the highest level of cognitive mental disorders due to aging. Mental stress, anxiety and depression worsens over time which diminishes quality of life. With the help of family, or if needed care-giving services, staying active and living a healthy lifestyle, overtime seniors may soon gain the mental stability they once had during their younger years.

Life & Aging

Aging overall can take a toll on your mental health. Recent studies have shown that Seniors are prone to conditions relating to mental stress, bipolar disorder, anxiety, cognition issues for example Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease and most importantly depression. In most senior communities, depression is a common mental health issue, although; it is the least recognized. Social and physical aspects play a major role in senior health when dealing with depression. Depression in its worst form can agitate medical conditions while bringing a great amount of stress. Being isolated may also lead to a sense of loneliness which triggers depression or stress. Ignoring any mental health issue regardless of how its developed, can take away an older adult’s sense of living, faith, independence, and ruin a legacy within them which should always be preserved.

Healthy Living Tips

It is very important for seniors to connect with others on a consisted basis. Not just holidays. Older adults may feel as though they are isolated more often than others. This could lead to sadness and the feeling of loneliness which statistically is the leading cause for depression. When you picture your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, etc., vision a legacy or a monument which needs precise care so that other generations can enjoy. Let’s face it- work and personal stress for younger adults has the possibility of becoming overwhelming and time consuming. This in return may lead to unintentionally ignoring older adults. If you are a senior, or know a senior who is affected by isolation, mental health disorders, or needing a reminder of what life enrichment is- Bringing Life To Seniors is here.