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What We Offer

Here at Bringing Life To Seniors your loved one is our family and so are you. 

Personal Senior Care Assistants

*At Home Senior Care*

• Light Housework- kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

• Laundry, feeding, & medication reminders.

• Caregivers help clients make and keep appointments with doctors, while serving as a companion & listening ear.

• We ensure our clients safe travels while accompanying them to doctors/dentist/eye visits while also taking notes for family members.

• Our caregivers assist seniors in maintaining a clean space for days in advance.

• Nutritional meal prep & planning is offered to senior clients while having free access to the company’s blog to assist with suggested dietary needs per medical condition.

• Care-givers begin food preparation for the following day if part of assigned shift duties.

• Serve meals to senior client's during assigned shift as scheduled. 

• FREE participation in Senior day activities that can take place either inside the home or on the company sponsored Social Day.

• We also provide to and from transportation services to; health screenings, grocer trips, company sponsored activities, and more. 


Adult Day Services

*Senior Center*

Coming Soon

Adult Day Services will be held at our senior center. Seniors will be in the care of our center's Director, medical staff and activity leaders. This particular service will assist seniors in need of physical rehabilitation & companion care outside the home.  Seniors have the ability to enjoy a safe haven, worry free establishment - providing medical care services through licensed Health Aides, CNA's, Registered Nurses, Physical & Occupational Therapist, Activity Leaders & More.

 Staying strong and healthy through fitness classes is a healthy way to aging. Fitness helps maintain your physical health while also relieving stress. BL2S will ensure the classes will be enjoyable ranging from: Strength Training, Tai Chi, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Chair Dancing, and more. *Please check back periodically for updated info & services to come*

Senior Community Membership Passes

*Senior Center*

Coming Soon

Senior Community Membership passes will be offered to seniors who can move around without care-giving services but lack the social experiences, entertainment & companionship with like minded seniors. Bringing Life To Seniors, primary focus is Life Enrichment for our senior clients. We focus on social, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational wellness while your loved one gets to reside at home. We enjoy watching our senior’s grow, move, connect, explore, and expand their horizons at their own pace. BL2S- will always take into consideration our senior’s and their families suggestions and contributions to keep our senior day activities innovative and fresh.  One of our main goals is to provide seniors with the affordable option to enjoy the luxuries & amenities of an assisted living facility, at a lower rate, while still having the ability to reside at home. Remember: keeping sharp is hard to do as we age. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding your interest. *Please check back periodically for updated info & services to come*

What Other Prominent Leaders Are Saying About BL2S?

Hello Yvonne- This is Mark Cobhart ''Director of Client Services for Seniors Investment Inc''. We met at the Elmhurst Community Center- I just got a chance to check out your website. Great Job on everything you're doing. Be sure to reach out to me with anything you may need. I'm truly excited to have this opportunity to work with you in the very near future. Best of Luck.  

Mark Cobhart~ Director of Client Services